Good morning neighbor! You was working hard this week, do you want a beer tonight?

2022.01.28 09:15 nicknamealreadyexist Good morning neighbor! You was working hard this week, do you want a beer tonight?

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2022.01.28 09:15 is-cancer_funny silly little animation i made

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2022.01.28 09:15 pptxperson Is there a topic/industry/trend you wish you knew more about?

I'm thinking of starting a newsletter where I research from a bunch of sources and summarise it, explain it simply. I'm hoping to learn more in the process, while also helping people save time!
But I'm not sure which topics I should start with, so I'd like to know what you guys are curious about!
It could be about the latest trends that you want to catch up on, countries/industries that you want to look into/invest in, or specific questions about cultures/finance/tech etc etc.
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2022.01.28 09:15 Moon4503 99,99999999999

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2022.01.28 09:15 Parabellum8g Hoogleraar Rob de Wijk schrikt van rancune in Moskou: ’Russen vinden ons decadent'.

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2022.01.28 09:15 corkydilsmack Cathedral Kush (tester) from Night Owl

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2022.01.28 09:15 Holiday-Pea28 27,7k healing in 12 min

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2022.01.28 09:15 ImacowandIgoMoo My friends are gonna kill me. That's super fun

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2022.01.28 09:15 iamreguluscorneas I have trouble with practice problems over the internet.

Well I have been solving practice problems (easy level) from sites like, leetcode, spoj, atcoder, etc. I can come up with a few aproaches but when it comes to writing them in pseudo-code or regular code I just cant do it. Any tips? Ps: I use C++ for practice problems and am fluent at it
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2022.01.28 09:15 CocacolaGARCIA Trent sat with all the other RB'S in world football better than him 🏖️

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2022.01.28 09:15 Honest-Astronaut-252 HeatheredEffect ASMR

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2022.01.28 09:15 squigwraith That was not what I had in mind

My boyfriend just broke up with me after ghosting me for a week... "Fun"
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2022.01.28 09:15 Mouh95mjd99X_Z Anyone notice that its 2 players

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2022.01.28 09:15 Ordinary_Culture_673 It was hard for me to find bitcoin apparel and souvenirs until I discovered Bitcoinshop Miami. Did you?

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2022.01.28 09:15 DaFootCritic Isn't the Catholic position counter productive being both against abortion and contraception?

I mean I get being against abortion but it is just odd that Catholicism is against contraception as well. You'd think it would support a means to prevent unwanted pregnancies which would lead to preventing a couple being put in a situation where they would consider abortion. I think very much every protestant denomination sees this and those who are against abortion support contraception. What gives?
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2022.01.28 09:15 assagitaz Imprum - Moon Eclipse [Sense Label]

Publisher: Sense Label
Out Date: 2022-01-27
Quality: MP3 7.59 Mb / AIFF 33.24 Mb
Genre: House
Imprum - Moon Eclipse / (Key Dbm, BPM 106, Length 3:08)​
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2022.01.28 09:15 bedahtpro If i have a car on a dyno, And then tilt the dyno downards, Will the car roll on the dyno?

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2022.01.28 09:15 GeorgeSpasov Key Factors for Successful DeFi App Development

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2022.01.28 09:15 bloorazzberry Ad Personalization Instructions Are Incorrect

I have noticed that the instructions for how to change your interests for Ad Personalization are not correct and I'd be interested to hear about the community's experiences with this.
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2022.01.28 09:15 bryandfg Cyberclassic Brings Gamification to DeFi with $CLASS Staking + NFTs reward - 29TH JANUARY 15:00 UTC - CERTIK/SOLIDPROOF

Users can Stake $Class tokens to earn higher yields and limited-edition digital collectibles

Passive income on Cyberclassic
If you are a crypto enthusiast or not, we all reckon one thing: crypto is the future! Because it is believed to be so, it also attracts immense attention from investors and developers alike. What started off as a Proof-of-work based cryptocurrency, has now been turned into an exotic decentralized financial lexicon: an entire cosmos with a variety of opportunities and innovations.
When novice investors contemplate investing in cryptocurrencies, a wide array of opportunities arises in front of them. To state a few, consider non-fungible tokens, crypto-currency holding, and exchange.
Perhaps, most investors tend to neglect another extremely profitable investment option in crypto cosmos, which can be very profitable if managed. This investment is staking.

Key features
You can stake your $CLASS at any time you choose. You can stake any amount of $CLASS you wish;
Once staked, the contract will deliver a reward continuously for as long as tokens remain staked;
You can withdraw any amount of staked CLASS tokens without any locking period.
You are free to stake additional amounts at any time;

What is crypto staking
Staking is a relative term to describe the process of earning through locking up funds in liquidity pools. The concept emerged from Proof-of-stake protocols. PoS refers to creating a block on a blockchain on the basis of a staked amount by a validator. Contrary to the old method of solving a mathematical issue in PoW, PoS follows a more sophisticated method of block addition. Apart from aiding in block addition, staking reap higher rewards too.
Most staking pools on different blockchains offer sky-rocketing APY% With such excellence, staking has become the secret sauce for DeFi projects and a must-have too.

Annual Percentage Yield & Pools
CLASS holders will be able to participate in rewards in one way.
CLASS holders can stake CLASS to earn more tokens.
APY will start with 1500% APY, and can drop till 500% APY if 100% of holders stake.

Staking in Cyberclassic
Cyberclassic on Binance smart chain has set its sight on becoming №1 DeFi protocol, equipped with all updated investment and entertainment features for its community. That being said, these features also include staking. Nevertheless, the staking pools on Cyberclassic are slightly different from other projects. These alterations are eye-catchy and interesting due to personalization for short-term, long-term investors and risk averse or risk loving investors.

Interface overview
The paradigm is that the interface displays main pool of staking.

  1. Connect Wallet — We currently support MetaMask, and Binance Wallet for Staking CLASS tokens.
  2. Token Balance (top-right) — These are tokens that you’re currently holding, that is agnostic whether you’re staking or not staking tokens.
  3. Staking (center-right) — You can start staking by connecting your wallet and approving the staking contract to transfer tokens on your behalf. You can then choose amount to stake, and authorize the transaction.

For risk averse, the first two pools are carefully designed which offer the highest APY of 500% with no locking up period and no NFTs as rewards. For those who tend to lock up their funds for a period of 7 days,they will be able to enjoy an APY of 700% and additional reward in the form of NFTs too. Lastly, the highest reward of 800% APY is set for the longest maturity time period pool, with the maturity of 14 days.
The rewards in NFTs will be a randomly generated cyborg NFT from either of the categories, which includes, Natural, rare,super rare, super super rare. On the other hand, the rewards in tokens are generated from the total supplied for the staking pools, which is 36% of the total token supply. Among which pool 0 and pool 1 both have 10% allocation for each, followed by 4% for pool 2,3,4,5 respectively.

Why APY is dropping?
There are limited amount of tokens that are supposed to be distributed across staking pool, that means if amount of stakers increase, it effects the distribution ratio and thus decreasing APY.

When will staking platform launch?
The platform will be available to stake CLASS tokens after market initialization of cyberclassic over Pancakeswap.

Vision and Mission
Our mission and vision is to revolutionize blockchain gaming while keeping the true essence of card games alive. Cyberclassic game is inspired by our childhood favorite pokemon cards. It is an attempt to bring new gaming technologies in our old games to strike the right balance of innovation and nostalgia. We aim to transform Cyberclassic into a metaverse ecosystem. This platform is not limited to NFT and tokens. We aim to provide entertainment and a fun way to learn and earn in crypto space. Cyberclassic is the future of NFTs.

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2022.01.28 09:15 vacuumnoise thickly painted walls - freefuckßonus

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2022.01.28 09:15 Ellakoxi Elkerülhetetlenül drágulni fognak a könyvek a papírhiány miatt

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2022.01.28 09:15 ZoolShop A Hidden Pattern in Your Retina May Reveal if You're at Risk of a Future Heart Attack

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2022.01.28 09:15 Least_Pie_3139 Tired of being INFJ

Honestly, it’s exhausting. I’d like to be an ENFP. I’m so envious of how effortless their lives are, particularly when it comes to relationships. How can I accomplish this? Does anyone else feel like this?
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2022.01.28 09:15 Utubangutubang What reality show do you think this generation has never heard of?

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