In the mirror

2022.01.28 08:42 my-viewing-pleasure In the mirror

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2022.01.28 08:42 uditvaghela "Error Moving files or Folders " while migrating files from Shared With Me to Shared Drives , super admin

I'm getting an error "Error Moving files or Folders " while moving my user's folder from shared with me to a shared drive:
External sharing is allowed for both and shared drive, Also "Allow user to move content to shared drive"
I'm able to move other folders except one, Any guess what could be the reason?
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2022.01.28 08:42 Unusual_Tune_0001 Couple of Cels from Gunnm OVA up for on yahoo auctions

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2022.01.28 08:42 Glum-Price556 A special tuning (Code in pict 2) for an AFK circuit (Code in pict 3).

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2022.01.28 08:42 photocactus Street cat // Canon F-1 // Agfa APX 100

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2022.01.28 08:42 LiaArgo Cove, me, acrylic pouring on 1,5mx1,5m canvas, 2021

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2022.01.28 08:42 Rare-Step64 Find out the main advantages of a unique project by reading white paper. An experienced team and a great idea. The media say about the project. #LPI #LPIDAO #CRYPTO #BINANCE #BEP20

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2022.01.28 08:42 kachalkiri Waiting for dark souls pvp to get fixed like:

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2022.01.28 08:42 McDingus_The_Curious The darkest story your balls have ever heard

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2022.01.28 08:42 protomor Finishing the DIY 2dof motion rig. $175 for the main components!

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2022.01.28 08:42 VitorVieiraSP Do you guys know where are the save files located? I need to change my Firmware, but can’t find the saves so I can keep my progress. [ powkiddyV90 standard firmware]

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2022.01.28 08:42 AlanPartridgeNorfolk [SPOILERS] The end of S4 Part 1 and the law of succession

This may, but probably won't, have much bearing on the remainder of the series. For a bit of timekilling however, I've decided to look into the law of succession surrounding the Snell estate.
First of all, if Darlene has died testate, the estate will be split according to the will. Chances are though, any will she has names benefactors who are also deceased.
It's more likely Darlene has died intestate (no will). This is more likely simply because most people die intestate, even people with massive estates like Darlene's. Thus, the state of Missouri divides property as such:

spouses are entitled to 100% of the intestate estate if there are no surviving children.
There are no surviving children as Zeke is a foster child, and court's haven't given Darlene legal parentage (thank God).
Technically, some distant Snell could show up and argue that Darlene was widowed at the time of her death, if they can prove Wyatt died first (but he didn't, so they almost definitely can't).
This means that Wyatt, being the surviving spouse (for all of 5 seconds) inherited Darlene's entire estate, making him the wealthiest trailer-trash this side of the Ozarks.
Now, with Wyatt's deaths the law of intestate succession comes into play again. At the time of his death he was widowed without children. Thus the law states;
the estate is divided evenly among their father, mother, siblings, or descendants, then to grandparents, aunts and uncles or other descendants.
The law kicks in at step 3 - siblings. Third now stands to inherit the entire Snell estate.
Will this feature in part 2? Quite possibly. It was established in season 1 that the Snells sought to amass so much land that they could leverage it against the major power companies who first flooded them out of the Ozarks. Third's wealth is almost unimaginable for him - and the Ozark's is nothing if not a dangerous place to have a lot of cash.
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2022.01.28 08:42 stockinvest-us CAC: Signal Alert - Double Top identified

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2022.01.28 08:42 abcx10 Who is similar to the manga generals historically that are NOT from the warring states period?

Take a general from the manga, who is similar to them historically?
Any year is allowed except obviously the historical counter parts to the characters cause too easy.
ex. Patton is a loud spoken, aggressive, somewhat rude general that got SHIT DONE. Kinda like Shin except Patton is 60 years old by WW2
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2022.01.28 08:42 abuscemi Hey there...Remember 1 year ago today when GME had an intraday high of $483 and they blatantly manipulated the market by blocking retail from buying securities nosediving the price of the stock costing retail traders billions of dollars?

A year ago today retail was trading GME on the 100% correct thesis* that it was shorted more than 100% of the float and THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE WERE TRADING ON --- THE CONTINUED BUY PRESSURE of a 100% shorted stock and potential squeeze (an actual squeeze, not the BS that's been mentioned with every MSM article mentioning a new ticker squeeze candidate ever since).
Well instead of letting the "free market" play out, the monopoly game was flipped upside down because they didn't like how the game was playing out…i.e., the buy button was simply turned off for multiple securities.
If you have not seen Interactive Brokers Founder and Chariman Thomas Pettery's interview February 2021 before the gamestop hearings, this is the most important concise background info as to what was actually going on behind the scenes 1/28/21 and it MUST BE WATCHED here:
In it, Thomas Peterffy confirms that continued GME buy pressure would have gone exponential "into the thousands" and that it would have caused a cascading effect across the market collapsing the financial system. *Peterffy also states GME short interest was way WAY over the float with options (70 million + 150 million calls short interest vs 50 million shares outstanding). You know…confirming the thesis that many were trading on in January 2021 was 100% correct.
This is full admission that the price would have gone into the thousands, so brokers purposely shut off the buy pressure 1/28/21 to keep GME from going exponential to save their own skin…OR it's a lot like rewriting the rules of the game and breaking the opponents legs at the same time in the 4th quarter.
In turning off just the buy pressure (and not the sell pressure) they straight up robbed retail in broad daylight with the police watching and the world recording it on their phones and these people running the shit show are still out there as if NO WRONG has occurred. Shutting off just the buy pressure instead of halting trading overall artificially affected the supply and demand for the securities they did this to. THIS IS STRAIGHT THE FUCK UP MARKET MANIPULATION as defined by the SEC and cost retail share holders and long option holders BILLIONS of dollars. ONE YEAR LATER after this exposure and almost NOTHING of consequence has been done. It's really all as simple to understand as this and these mother fuckers need to be placed in prison.
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2022.01.28 08:42 Ultrafares This how they look like

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2022.01.28 08:42 Ambitious-Pop-6081 La Coca

te mando dulce dedicatoria como la coca cola, pero sin tanta factoría suena como una fuga de la falla de San Andres es solo una raja como la Sarli bañandose en los Andes mensajes de amor a deshora, deshonra por masajes cuando el alma se ahoga y por llegar justo a hora ahora estoy solo con la aurora perdido en un country sin dueño auguro un rasguño a ese sueño porfiado por seguir creyendo que fiado voy a conseguir lo que vendo ropavejero o vejestorio una gracia de mono para su velorio cantandoles de números dudosos contandoles de húmeros rotos el brazo de la carne que siempre toco delitos que se admiten, pero solo poco a poco como pirata cojo, con el parche en el ojo bitácoras sin cerrojo leí poco pero casi lo ví de reojo que eran todas putas del mismo esposo la diva de algún señor respetuoso la vida que se escurre en un hoyo no le dan cabida ni a las confesiones de algún culposo facciones en tiradas por fascículos canciones para agarrarse los testiculos malas acciones malas compañias tantas alegorías tan pocas alegrías que en algún invierno olvidado queden sus tiernos recados de mensajes repetidos a escondidas de personajes sin disfraces como anclajes de sus mentes reprimidas no es artesanía esta poesía es solo lo que un loco solo decía desde el fin del mundo desdén por un mudo desafíos a profecías sin un nudo cuentitos viriles de putos cantitos febriles sin el punto de tantos infelices que se casan de luto odas a ausentes por decentes novios y novias jueces, jurado y verdugo porque es lo obio viniendo de los fallutos todos líderes decadentes aprendiendo a ser astutos en tierras robadas por feligreses pupilos sin pugilato lesiones congénitas legiones en trincheras de incógnitas mujeres benditas tierras saqueadas tiros en blanco tragos con sangre en el fondo un sacamuelas para unigénitos sangría en renglones y lepras tardías del riego en aluviones seguro, pestillo auguro un tufillo cuando salen y dejan casquillos como caudillos cochebomba con rehenes en transportes escolares destellos de estrellas desde Castilla y Valencia astillas de puntanos destreza de riojanos y firmeza de rayos de ángeles cantandole a la democracia sin ponerle la firma más que con su arrogancia cortar todo contacto con la mentira contando como es al tacto la alegría premiando al débil que encuentra la salida de la increíble cantidad de basura prometida con un dedo en el fuego probando haber como sangra la herida prometiendo volver luego cuando la cosa no esté tan podrida cuando no sea la proeza de acumular riqueza la promesa que se reza y la hermosa compañía sea de las ventajas bien habidas y que no importen las opiniones que lo que reparten dejen de ser dones sin cobrar importe ni sobrar a la gente de frente dónde andes delante de los soles camino errante devenir constante alimentado por amores el saber perfecto de no deberle nada a nadie amor propio o de regalo como solo un dios sordo a los clamores te evade un beso, un saludo, una señal una respuesta a un dilema moral un niño que se crió solo un padre de juguete como delirio existencial la vida en un salmo cuando la vida se va en algo poco esencial del sufrimiento nace el arte un rudimento que llega a consolarte vocales y consonantes no pueden decir lo que del amor es el aprender a vivir cubrirte de amor al recibirte sentirte cerca al verte llegar y saber que ni un día pasa sin quererte o inhalar la bronca de no tenerte humo que se va recordando conocerte lo que rápido termina deja sabor a poco álgido en mi duelo te sueño así tan loco en mis horas más oscuras donde ahonda la tristeza más pura y ridícula payasito triste que vivió la vida con locura
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2022.01.28 08:42 SlimandHansome Comfy Friday

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2022.01.28 08:42 CawCawMotherTruckers Motherfuckingly Unexplainable.

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2022.01.28 08:42 moonyxpadfoot How the hell do I get Evrima to work?

Whenever I play it I'm just stuck bouncing in an unrendered map
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2022.01.28 08:42 walidbenhamza 🔥 Kingdata Exclusive Limited Edition Blue Whale Nft's Airdrop 🕹 Ending Date: 9th February 🔸 Scroll and submit ETH Address 🔸 Complete all Tasks 🔸 Done - For First task Rewards : 3 Nft - Second task Reward : 1 Nft - Third task Reward : 1 Nft

🔥 Kingdata Exclusive Limited Edition Blue Whale Nft's Airdrop 🕹 Ending Date: 9th February 🔸 Scroll and submit ETH Address 🔸 Complete all Tasks 🔸 Done - For First task Rewards : 3 Nft - Second task Reward : 1 Nft - Third task Reward : 1 Nft submitted by walidbenhamza to AirDropXFree [link] [comments]



2022.01.28 08:42 EasyPeasy333

Sometimes it is hard to memorize month name by its number or vice versa. This tool will help you with this struggle. Just enter month name, optionally choose language for translation and press 'Submit'. Tool is free with an option of donation to a developer :) Hope this tool will be useful for anyone :)
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2022.01.28 08:42 eco-419 Franky will build a giant mech suit for usopp in Elbaf

I think our pirates are going to split up again in the beginning of Elbaf but not for long like in the beggining on thriller bark, the ones that can become giants and the ones that can't AKA Franky, Robin, Chopper, Ussop (Franky will build a giant mech suit for usopp in Elbaf).
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2022.01.28 08:42 jbellehighway 220128 [EN-CORE] ‘DIMENSION : ANSWER’ MUSIC SHOW BEHIND EP.1

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